Welcome to the Nursery webpages. Here you will find out what we are focussing on in our setting this week.

At this age the children will be learning through play and not even realising they are developing new skills and concepts. We aim to keep you informed with what we are teaching so you can help at home.

This week we are learning about....

  • number recognition and 1:1 counting.  Children have been counting objects carefully, then they have learnt how to match the correct numeral to the correct quantity of objects for numbers 0-5.  Some children have worked with numbers 0-10.
Here is a useful game to support your child at home.  Please click on the link below and you can help your child complete a matching game. The children can count the correct amount of lady bird spots and match the spots to the correct number. Please choose the matching game.
  • learning about 3d shapes. This is a new concept for us in Nursery but we are beginning to learn the names of 3d shapes and understand how these shapes are 'fat' shapes rather than 'flat' shapes. Please use the song above to support your child learn to the names of the new shapes.
  • always trying our best. In our Nursery we teach all our children to have a try at new and tricky things to help their brains grow with all the learning that they are doing. We discourage 'I can't' and turn it into 'I cant yet'. 
  • making our own marks. We will be encouraging all the children to start on their journey as writers by making up their own writing and telling us what they want it to say. We will be doing lots of writing in front of the children so they can see why people write and how it is done. Many of our children are still developing their pencil grip and finger strength so cannot form clear letters yet but they can record their own ideas and read their 'marks' to us which is the essence of what writing is about.  They have access to different sorts of patterned and plain papers as well as character papers that are reflecting the children's interests.  Why not let your child see why you do writing at home and what it says - they love to copy and will start as more confident writers.
  • sharing! It can be tricky when you are 3 to give up a favourite toy or game but we do lots of talking about why we share and how to be a good friend. Please continue to support your child to share at home and talk about why sharing is important.
  • stories. We are learning through fairy tales this half term. We have already read Cinderella this week and we are reading The Princess and the Pea next week.  Children have enjoyed accessing various activities linked to our fairy tale theme such as making crowns in the creative area, building castles in the construction area and playing with magical figures and people in the small world area.  Children are remembering these stories well and acting them out independently in their own play.