Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

Grove Street school has officially begun our Accelerated Reader (AR) program. AR is a country-wide reading program which encourages and motivates students to read books at school and home and earn points, certificates and prizes by taking computerised comprehension tests at school. Every book in our Key Stage 2 library has been given a level and quiz number. This information is printed inside the front cover of every AR book. Each student has been assessed to determine his or her reading level, which gives an accurate indication of the book level at which they should be reading – not just their reading fluency, but their understanding and comprehension of the text as well. It allows the children to choose engaging and exciting books, as well as taking pride in their progress. Please see the attached documents to see how our reading levels and zones correlate, as well as the ways in which students can move up the certification levels.


At least once per week, each student is expected to read a book at home or school and then take an AR test during school reading time or early morning time. On occasion, this may vary due to the size of the book being read, however, the bigger the book, the more points your child will score, so the program takes this into consideration. Many students have already started earning points and making quizzing a regular part of their school routine, which is fantastic! At the end of each term, certificates and prizes will be awarded for students’ progress with their reading.


Most, but not all, reading books are on the AR system. When choosing books from home or the public library, please check online at to determine if the book is on the system.Staff will be able to give you a report of how your student is getting on with their reading and comprehension skills at our first Learning Review of the year.


Have fun reading!


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