At Grove Street, we aim for 97% attendance and we are proud to be part of Wirral's #EverydayCountsCampaign to improve school attendance.

Watch this space for more information about how as a school, we are working hard to improve attendance and achieve better outcomes for all our children.


Paul Smith (Locality Attendance Officer) conducted a recent Pupil Voice questionnaire. Here's a sample of what the children said about attendance at Grove Street:


Do you think it's important to come to school?

12 children replied yes giving reasons such as - 

1 To learn

2 See friends

3 Have fun

4 By coming you will get a good job and earn more money

5 You get your education


Do you think coming to school will make you clever?

12 children replied yes giving reasons such as -

1 Will give you a better life

2 Helps you know things

3 Learn more things

4 Make friends

5 You can get a good job


As you can see, attendance really does matter at Grove Street! Please help us to help your children develop good attendance habits for life.


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