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Grove Street Primary School - Promoting British Values

In accordance with statutory guidance, Grove Street Primary School identifies opportunities to actively promote  a set of recognised British Values. These are defied as follows:

  1. Democracy
  2. Individual Liberty
  3. Rule of Law
  4. Respect and Tolerance


Children at Grove Street Primary School have opportunities to develop an understanding of democracy and how citizens can influence the decision making process through debating and the voting process. Children throughout the school have opportunities to take place in the voting process from voting for members of the school and eco councils to deciding on which Golden Time activity they would prefer. Children also regularly take part in debating activities in all year groups linked to thematic curriculum links.


Individual Liberty

Children at Grove Street Primary School will develop an understanding that people have the freedom to make choices and this includes holding other faiths or beliefs that are protected by law.


Rule of law

Children at Grove Street Primary School will develop an appreciation for the rule of law and how this protects individual citizens and is essential for their wellbeing and safety.


Respect and Tolerance

Children at Grove Street Primary School are taught to show mutual respect to all adults and children and to be tolerant towards those who may hold different views or beliefs to themselves.

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