Grove Street Intent, Implementation and Impact





 Physical Education:

-Children develop and apply fundamental movements within every lesson.

-Children are active throughout each PE lesson.

-Children are at the forefront and have direct impact on their learning within lesson and through pupil voice.

-Staff have a clear understanding of the National Curriculum, through regular CPD, the use expert external coaches and whole school curriculum maps.

- Learning is supported and enhanced through a range of curriculum sporting activities e.g. Rugby, football, tennis, gymnastics, athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities.

-EYFS lay strong foundation focusing on fundamental movements, fine and gross motor skills.

-Learning is differentiated to support the needs of every child.

- Swimming and water safety is taught throughout KS2 and extra opportunities are taken to continue to improve 25m swimming percentage

-Sports Premium Funding is spent effectively to develop a lasting legacy for PE & Sport at school.

-Cross-curriculum links are made explicit through the whole school focus on outdoor learning and training.

-Learning and understanding a different My Personal Best Topic every week and how this can be implemented throughout both their school and outside of school life.




Physical Education

Subject expertise, through regular CPD & Twilight sessions (for individuals, the subject leader and whole staff) ensures that Physical Education is taught effectively.

- Teachers use the Wirral PE Planning documents to support them in their planning. These documents are progressive, coherent and apply fundamental movement skills which are year group appropriate.

- Formative Assessment is embedded through regular interventions in class.

- Children are assessed thought termly ‘Idoceo’ data and annual Fundamental Movement Assessments (KS2 only).

- Subject vocabulary is displayed in each classroom to support learning as well as begin reinforced by teachers.

- Children are given wider opportunities to build character and embed values through regular teamwork activities, competitive sport and Sports Day.

- Sports Premium Funding is used to increase physical competency of staff and children and also provides staff with resources and high-quality equipment (Youth Sports Trust).

-Children are provided with their full entitlement to Physical Education and teachers ensure that no interventions take place during this time.

-Regular action plans, governor reports and pupil voice continue to monitor and improve Physical Education.





 Physical Education:

-Demonstrate evidence of children work through  Idoceo document (each child), we track Assessments, data analysis, Fundamental Movements Assessment review and analysis over years, videos and photo diaries.

-Regular verbal feedback is given within lessons to praise and ensure children are applied in  the correct technique.

-Children become stewards of their own learning and support peers to continue to improve and excel.  

-Understand the impact of Physical activity on their own body (linked to Science).

-Children develop a wider range of subject specific vocabulary (linked to English Action Plan 2019/20).

-Through the Physical Education Action Plan and Governors’ Reports, pupil voice and Sports Leaders, regular reviews can be made to explore the impact of any improvement initiatives.

- Measurable impact of swimming through high swimming percentage over 25m and an increased competitive nature at sport competitions, in addition to a more children reaching swimming level 4 and above.


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