Grove Street Reading Spine

At Grove Street Primary, we have thought long and hard about the books we want filling our corridors, classrooms, curriculum and curiosities. 

We want to fill every classroom at Grove Street with beautiful books as they are the foundations of our curriculum: stories that inspire and engage; books that promote the social and emotional well-being that underpins everything we do at Grove Street; books that improve the diversity of our teaching and learning; stories that gives us role-models to aspire to and guide us to make better choices for our world. 

As teachers and subject leaders, we have created a reading spine for each year group; these lists are ever-evolving and attempt to be a mixture of classic literature, books which explore concepts that are engaging the current cohort, stories our teachers love, books that help us understand the world as it stands today, as well as stories that give us glimpses of the future. 

As well as our School Library and Classroom Libraries, we also have a Curriculum Library (see our attached picture), organised by the key concepts which underpin our school values and ethos. What makes our Curriculum Library so special is that all the books have been donated to us by the Grove Street community. 


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