SEND Governors Report

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Report to Governors

Mrs Chilton, our Inclusion Leader, continues to work hard to ensure our most vulnerable children receive the best support. Our current register shows that we have two children who receive funding through Individual Pupil Funding. (IPFA). We have three other children whose Health Care Plan means that they need support from a full time Teaching Assistant. This is partly funded by the LA (5/12 or 7/12 of the cost.) We have thirteen children who are supported at School Action Plus, and fifty eight who are supported at School Action. In total the children on the specials needs register equates to 30% of the school population. This figure includes our Vulnerable Children.

Mrs Chilton shared her work on how we measure the Impact of Interventions and the use of Pupil Premium, at local Cluster Groups. She has been asked to lead on our Action Plan to address Homophobic bullying at Wirral’s Inclusion Conference.

Mrs Chilton and Mrs Merrick, our SEN Governor, have attended training on the Children and Families Bill and what this will mean for children and Schools for September. Mrs Chilton has begun to write children’s Personal Plans which replace Statements from September 2014.

Our Safeguarding Register is a continually fluctuating but currently shows:

8 children are subject to a Child Protection Plan.

10 children who are Looked After.

5 children at Child in Need.

We have 8 pupils with IHCP with a range of medical issues such as food allergies.

10 families at Team Around the Family.

2 children are currently working with the mental health service.

4 children are being supported by hearing and vision support.

29 children are currently working with our speech and language therapist.

4 children are currently referred to the Educational Physiologist.

29 external agency referrals have been made since the last report.

We have 21 children on Individual Behaviour Plans and 49 children with Individual Education Plans.

We also have one child who is ‘dual registered’ and is currently attending an EBD unit for assessment of his needs.

Children whose second language is English

We have seven children whose first language is Polish. We also have two children in KS2 who speak Cantonese, and one child in Y1 whose first language is Tamil. We have two children in Nursery, one who is Hungarian and one who is Portuguese. We monitor the progress of various groups including those who are of ‘black and minority ethnicity’ (BME), of which we have eight throughout the school. We have regular support from Tuyet Ramsey, from the Multi Ethnic Advisory Service (MEAS) team.

A member from the EAL Team is currently working with our Polish children, to develop his English. The EAL Team continues to work with our parents, providing translation during meetings.

Miss. Williams, Y1 teacher, is coordinating our work in order to achieve International School Award.

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