Talk for Writing/Pathways to Write in EYFS

At Grove Street Primary School we believe in using the power of stories for bringing learning to life. 

We have chosen to use a mixture of Talk for Writing and Pathways to Write stories to inspire our children to develop their reading and writing skills during their time with us in the Early Years.


What do we mean by Talk for Writing? The founder of the process Pie Corbett talks about the ideas behind Talk for Writing in this Video

We have been so inspired by Pie Corbett and we were lucky enough to enjoy a training session with the man himself!

In Nursery and Receptio we use the 3 I's of Talk for Writing.

Imitation - The children learn to tell the story using story maps and actions.

Innovation - The children change apsects of the story such as a character, setting or an event to change the story slightly.

Invention - The children invent their own stories to tell verbally and in written form.

In our Little Learners setting our youngest children use the imitation process to learn rhymes and simple stories.

You can see some examples of Talk for Writing on our Reception class YouTube channel

Please be aware that the videos have been filmed for home learning during the Covid-19 school closures and we hope to get some videos of Talk for Writing in action in the classroom to share with you soon. 

What do we mean by Pathways to Write? Pathways to Write is a proven methodology built around units of work which develop vocabulary, reading and writing skills through the mastery approach. The units provide clear detailed lesson plans and resources, linked to high-quality texts to ensure engaging and purposeful English lessons. Effective teaching strategies to challenge greater depth writers are included within each unit of work.

When using the Pathways to Write approach we may not introduce the whole story at once. We explore different aspects of the stories and dig deeper into the vocabulary that is used within them. 

We believe that the combination of these two approaches provide your children with fun and imaganitive activites which enable them to build their confidence as readers and writers. 

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