Grove Street Primary School ran a successful programme of Families and Schools Together (FAST) during 2015/16 School year.  
FAST is a programme that brings parents/carers, children, teachers and the wider community together, to make sure young children get the support they need to fulfill their potential at school – and in life.
The programme consists of an eight-week cycle of activity sessions, as well as help for parents/carers to develop learning at home and ongoing support at school and within the community.

FAST supports families by:

  • Helping children improve their skills in reading, writing and maths – as well as encouraging good behaviour and a positive attitude to school and learning
  • Helping parents/carers get more involved in their child’s education, so they can support learning and development at home
  • Encouraging stronger bonds between parents/carers and their child, their child’s school, other parents and the wider community
Grove Street Primary School would like to say a special thank you to all FAST Team members, without them the programme would not have taken place!  This includes staff volunteers, parent/carer volunteers and community volunteers.  Thank you for all your hard work and support. 
Quotes from parents/carers who took part in FAST and what they liked about the programme
"It's helped me notice more how amazing she is and I am amazingly proud of her". 
"She helps me with tasks and cooking and doing stuff for her sister allowing us to spend more time together". 
"Taught me how to communicate with my daughters better". 
"Getting to know other parents and meeting some of my child's friends". 
"Spending time with my children and mixing with other families". 
"Got to know more staff members".