Welcome to Foundation 2/Reception

Welcome to Reception!

Miss McLeod, Mrs Yalland and Mrs Clarke are thrilled to be making the reception year of 2017-2018 fun-filled and interesting! With support from Mrs Evans, Miss Banton and Miss McCann we are planning lots of exciting learning opportunities tailored specifically to engage our fabulous family of learners! 

Here in the Foundation Stage we have lots of fun learning through play and exploration. We have a balance of child initiated and adult directed activities and all our learning opportunities are designed to help every child 'Reach for the Stars'.

We are very lucky as we have three large adjoining classrooms where our children can access each of the Early Learning Goals. The school grounds are lovely; we have a stage, construction materials and a beautiful willow den not to mention the Grove Street Little Farm that we can use for all sorts of learning. 

Every day there is some form of Numeracy and Literacy activity although it is always cross curricular and not always taught in isolation. We also teach phonics everyday.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly so please know that we are always keen to hear all about the latest news, concerns and celebrations!

With the warmest of wishes,

The Reception Team