Bike It!

In Spring term an expert from 'Bikeability' will come to talk to the children about bicycle maintence, and in particular, puncture repair. He showed KS2 the “M” safety check for your bike: strt at the back wheel and check the hub, gears and brakes; move up to the seatpost and make sure your saddle is secure; move back down to the pedals to make sure the are firm; back up to the handlebars; down again to the front wheel to check the hub and the brakes. This 30 second check-up will keep your bike in good working order.

Following this, some key stage two classes will be treated to a workshop on puncture repair, so there is no excuse not to get out and “Bike It” !

At lunchtime, Simon also helped the children create an inky artwork about our school which is now on display outide Miss Williams’ classroom.