Attendance & Punctuality

At Grove Street, we aim for 97% attendance and we are proud to be part of Wirral's #EverydayCountsCampaign to improve school attendance.

We follow the guidance set out in the DfE's 'Working Together to Improve School Attendance'. 

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Hayley Haynes (Locality Attendance Officer) recently conducted a  Pupil Voice survey. Here's a sample of what the children said about attendance at Grove Street:


Do you think it's important to come to school?

12 children replied yes giving reasons such as - 

1 To learn

2 See friends

3 Have fun

4 By coming you will get a good job and earn more money

5 You get your education


Do you think coming to school will make you clever?

12 children replied yes giving reasons such as -

1 Will give you a better life

2 Helps you know things

3 Learn more things

4 Make friends

5 You can get a good job


As you can see, attendance really does matter at Grove Street! Please help us to help your children develop good attendance habits for life.


Please see below relevant documents around attendance and punctuality from Grove Street.

Our Attendance Policy is reviewed and updated every three years. Please refer to the policies page to download the attendance  policy. 






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