Attendance Rewards

  • We celebrate 100% attendance each term by awarding every child with a certificate and an attendance badge. At the end of the year, all children with 100% attendance are invited to a 'Party in the Park' with Mrs Walsh.
  • Children with attendance of 97%+, are entered into our attendance raffle to win a family prize at the end of each term.
  • In our weekly Key Stage attendance assemblies, we celebrate each class's attendance by looking at our Attendance League.The class with the highest attendance wins the opportunity to look after Daley Bear for the following week and a reward of their choice e.g. an extra playtime.
  • On each classroom door, there is a poster which shows the attendance for that class each day. Class Attendance Ambassadors are responsible for collating and updating this information each day.
  • In KS1, the teachers and children work together to see what their class's attendance is that day.
  • All classes are working towards an agreed attendance for their Key Stage each week, each class who achieves the target or better, will receive a body part to add to their ‘Potato Head’. The class with the most body parts at the end of the half term, wins a prize!




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