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Joining our School


Joining Grove Street Primary School

If you would like your child to transfer to our school please complete the attached form and either send it to Pupil Admissions or email/hand it in to the Admin Team at Grove Street Primary School.

(You can find the application form below)



Admissions to Primary & Secondary Schools

The Local Authority decides on admissions for Foundation 2 and Year 6 transferring to Year 7.  

     If your child is due to start Foundation 2 or Year 7 in September 2022 you can find out more information and apply online here. The application process opens on 1st September 2021

 Secondary Admission booklet and application form can be downloaded here.
 Primary Admission booklet and application for can be downloaded here.
Allocation Day
For secondary school places in September 2022 the allocation day will be March 1st 2022.  
For primary school places in September 2022 the allocation day will be April 19th 2022. 
 Online applications are recommended applicants who apply online will be notified by an e-mail to their registered e-mail address on allocation day.  If you complete a paper application you will receive the allocation by second class pot (The school allocations cannot be given out over the telephone.)
 Little Learners
If you are eligible for a Two Year  funded place please enquire at your local one stop shop.  
 If you would like a place in Little Learners or Nursery please contact Mrs Vanessa Davies at the Office either in person or telephone 0151 645 2170 or email
You can find the school admissions policy under School Policies

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