School Ethos

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Our vision is that we go above and beyond to support our children and families. At our core is our belief that mental health and wellbeing weaves through all aspects of school. We are passionate about reading and are determined that every child will be a confident reader, to open up a world of exciting learning and opportunities for them. We believe that every child has the ability to succeed whatever their starting point and I want each child to flourish to achieve their full and unique potential and are inspired to become confident, resilient learners.


We wanted our school logo, ethos and curriculum intent to reflect our vision, with mental health being the foundations of every aspect of learning. We were inspired by Rita Pierson and her vision of 'Every child deserves a champion'. 


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We worked as a whole staff team to create our ethos.

We created a jam board together to document the views of all staff as to what is important for our children and our strengths as a school to achieve these. 


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