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At Grove Street Primary School we  provide the best education for your child. As part of this, we produce a detailed plan on how we are improving the educational experience and outcomes for all children. We would like to share with you the main aims of this plan for 2012 – 2013. This plan is based on our Ofsted reports (See links below).

 Principal aims of Grove Street Primary School Improvement Plan:

 Improve pupil achievement and progress in Mathematics and English

 How we are achieving this?

  • Providing exciting and challenging lessons – We have introduced a topic based curriculum which supports all areas of learning, encouraging our children to become confident and independent learners.
  • Pupil Progress Meetings – teachers report in detail on the progress of all children in their class to the Headteacher / Local Authority and explain how they are supporting their children to improve attainment in English and Mathematics.
  • Training and support – Grove Street Primary is committed to providing all staff with a range of training and support to enable all teaching staff to raise the quality of teaching so all children have exciting lessons and make good progress.

 Improve leadership and management

 How we are achieving this?

  • Developing the role of middle leaders – each year group has a teacher (middle leader) whose role is to support other teachers in their group to improve the quality of teaching and learning. In addition, we have teachers whose responsibility is to ensure that the teaching of English and Mathematics is continually improved.
  • Developing the Governing Body – the Governing Body are focussing their attention on progress made by pupils.

 To continue to promote good behaviour and attitudes to learning

 How we are achieving this?    

  • Continuing to foster the good relationships staff have with pupils and parents/carers.
  • Improving the playground provision with the help of School Council.
  • The introduction of a Nurture Group which helps and supports children develop a wide range of skills to support learning.
  • Continuing to improve attendance.
  • Providing before and after school provision that supports learning.

 These are the main areas that we have identified to improve this academic year to help us achieve the best possible education for your child.


Click here for our current Ofsted inspection reports

Click here performance data about our school


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