"Pupils thoroughly enjoy attending this caring and harmonious school. Staff make
sure that pupils are happy and safe."

"Adults forge strong relationships with pupils. Leaders ensure that pupils have every opportunity to learn, grow and develop into
young adults."

"Relationships between children, pupils and staff are the foundation for all learning."

"Pupils were keen to tell inspectors that the school’s teachers were one
of the best features of their school."

"Leaders have developed an ambitious curriculum which begins right from the
moment that children enter the early years. Leaders continually refine the
curriculum to make sure it meets the needs of pupils, including children in the
Nursery and Reception classes. They have carefully considered what pupils must
learn in each subject."

"Leaders make sure that pupils have many opportunities to develop their character
and their wider understanding of the world. For example, pupils benefit from
learning about different jobs which they have never heard of before. This raises
pupils’ aspirations for their own future."

"Leaders and teachers live and breathe reading. They promote the benefits of
reading at every opportunity to pupils, children, parents and carers. Reading is
woven throughout the curriculum. Pupils enjoy reading."

"Through the careful identification of their needs, staff make sure that pupils with
SEND receive the help that they need so they can access the full curriculum. Leaders
work with external agencies effectively to support pupils with SEND."

"Leaders successfully ensure that pupils learn about the importance of physical and
mental health."

" Pupils understand and can articulate how they live out
British values."

"Leaders have ensured that there is a strong culture of safeguarding. Safeguarding
has a high priority for all staff in school."

"Leaders are very supportive of staff’s workload and well-being."

"Governors know the strengths of the school. The headteacher, alongside her wider
leadership team, has inspired staff to make the necessary improvements since the
previous inspection."

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