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Mrs Dinning

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Jenny Dinning


You can also make contact through ClassDojo. 


At Grove Street Primary School we see each child as an individual, ensuring the necessary support he or she requires to succeed and achieve at school is provided, regardless of their ability or specific need.

All class teachers have a firm understanding of the children in their classes and see each child as a unique learner. Our curriculum allows the children to reach their full potential through creative lessons that are adapted to meet the specific needs of each pupil. Through quality first teaching and a strong focus on mental health, Grove Street aims to ensure every learner has the opportunity to grow and develop in to a confident, resilient and independent learner.

We are aware that all children learn at different rates and in different ways. With this in mind, staff at Grove Street continually adapt and revise strategies to ensure all learners are able to access the curriculum with enthusiasm and enjoyment.  

Our school is committed to working closely with parents/carers and other professionals to ensure the best outcomes for all of our children with special educational needs. If you would like to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about your child's edcuation or development, please do not hesitate to contact their class teacher or Jenny Dinning to arrange an appointment. 

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"The school has an open door policy and parents have reported they feel ‘happy and confident to speak to staff.’ "

"The school’s approach to supporting  SEND and vulnerable pupils is very positive and the Bungalow facility allows parents to speak in private with staff. SEND roadmaps have been introduced and SEND champions have helped to develop a new simplified way of sharing individual targets. The school works with a wide range of agencies and is part of a multi-agency project."  Jill Tordoff, LPPA Award Verifier



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