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“Your school is a beacon of light for the LA in terms of attachment, trauma, MHWB and SEND” Anna Dollard LA SEND Manager


“Grove Street is a very nurturing, inclusive school with a range of appropriate resources in place to respond to the mental health and wellbeing of their children. They have invested greatly in a variety of training for all staff as well as for their specialist staff. They have become extremely knowledgeable, becoming experts in this area. The SLT are constantly reviewing their provision and refine and improve it wherever possible” Rose Littler, SIA & NLE

"I just wanted to send an email to say how impressed I am with the provision you have put in place in school for students who need extra support. The Bungalow is such a wonderful little hub for those with additional needs. The small group class in the bungalow for students that struggle in their normal classroom environments is incredible and has clearly made a world of difference. When I first saw them a few weeks ago, they were angry, disruptive, and emotionally dysregulated. The smaller class size with more teaching support has helped these children engage with the curriculum and I even saw children sit on the carpet for a full phonics lesson this morning. Everything you are doing to help these children access mainstream education is amazing."    Charlotte Morley, Education Mental Health Practitioner, Wirral Mental Health Support Team


“I just wanted to say, I loved working with your school. Your passion and enthusiasm for getting all children to become readers is infectious.  Thanks for always being so welcoming. Julia, you are a brilliant reading leader and I learnt so much from you too. Thank you for letting me be part of your reading journey.” Rachel Dean, DfE English Hub


"Huge congratulations to you all for this labour of love - the whole Subject Leader commitment shines through across all the curriculum areas. I don’t think I’ve seen such a comprehensive body of work from a school where all leads are clearly working and cross-checking together. All the aims that you state in your forward have been achieved and the range of diversity and representation covered is brilliant. Great team work!" Sarah Ratcliffe, Sarah Squared English Consultant


“The impact you are both having on your data is incredible! This is the strongest start yet! Amazing! This is what strong leadership looks like.” Sara Rice-Oxley RWI Consultant


“Grove Street primary school  has created a culture of collaboration, confidence and creativity in embedding and delivering oracy as part of the whole school curriculum. Numerous strategies have been thoroughly implemented across the school with enthusiasm and passion.” Rachel Ratcliffe, Oracy Consultant, Voice 21


"Leadership of maths is strong. There is a clear sense of the school’s aims in the subject and this is neatly contextualised by a clear understanding of historic practice." Mark Cotton, Education Consultant and NLE


“The school is amazing, I was really impressed by the massive support you all give to the community...not just a school but a caring safe place...ran by strong ladies who genuinely care..and I really like that!!”  (Jen Shaw Family and Child Mental Health Practitioner)


“Thank you again, so much for yesterday. It was so good to listen to someone who is as committed to the children as you are- made me feel so much better. It was great really - made me remember why we do it!”   (Vicky Sinclair, Liverpool Hope University)




“The headteacher and leadership team are extremely involved with all vulnerable children. They know each child and family very well and are going beyond expectations to support not only the children but their families who are also struggling. The leadership team just get on with it. They remain remarkably positive and do not complain -this is the job.” (Rose Littler, SIA & National Leader for Education)


Chester University Attachment, Trauma and Mental Health audit

 “Grove Street exemplifies many outstanding qualities in promoting a provision that meets the attachment, trauma and mental health needs of pupils and their families. The relatively new senior leadership team are described as ‘trail-blazers’ in their pursuit to prioritise well-being with the view that if basic needs are met, more meaningful learning will prevail.” 

"Pupils and their families are eager to share their experiences of Grove Street. Each conversation begins with how included and respected families feel and how school is a haven of safety and security for them. Staff describe how well supported they feel by senior leaders and how the ethos of nurture is modelled by leaders.”

“A range of evidenced based interventions are in place to ensure progress is measured and that interventions are initiated in a timely manner. The staff team recognise need and are knowledgeable about in-house referral pathways.”


LA 360 review- attendance focused on MHWB and supporting families

“During our visit, we found Grove Street Primary School to be calm, organised and a welcoming environment, that the pupils seemed happy and safe in.”

“We felt school teams inter-link well (safeguarding/pastoral/attendance) and we feel this is a strength.”

“SLT and key staff were visible around the site as pupils entered the building at designated points. Pupils were met with a warm welcome and parents felt they could talk to the staff”

“During our tour of the school, we were extremely impressed with how quick a number of staff tried to support and diffuse difficult situations. A small number of pupils were distressed, but due to quick thinking and strong relationships between pupils and staff, pupils were soon engaged. This is evidence of the priority to get children into school and then being flexible in approach.”

“Very obvious that the child and the family are at the very centre of everything you do”; “Not a one size fits all, adapting on individual basis”; “Key stage leaders very strong driving improved attendance”; “Culture comes from SLT”; “Expectations starts with EYFS, good early habits”



" A calm and purposeful learning community, where each person is welcome and valued" (Marie Szydlowska, Liverpool Hope University, May 2022)




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