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We use ClassDojo as a communication tool with our parents and carers 

  • School Story- this will keep you updated on whole school news, letters and events.
  • Class Story- this will keep you updated weekly on your child's learning, events and information.
  • Child portfolios- you child will have an individual login for their portfolio to access home learning, homework, links and enable them to upload photographs or their learning at home.
  • Messaging- the parent login allows you to contact your child's teacher directly. You can also directly message Lisa Walsh (Headteacher), Caroline Stanley (Deputy Headteacher), Charles Hewitt (Deputy Headteacher) and Jenny Dinning (SENDCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead). 
  • 'Miss Admin' is a direct link to the office team for any questions about breakfast / after school clubs, absence etc. 
  • Mrs Banks is a direct link to our Reading Leader. 

You will be sent an email invitation to download Dojo as you join our school. 

We  update our class page and class story on Dojo regularly with links to various websites and activity ideas that will support your child’s learning and development.
We have provided you with activity ideas that link to the 7 Areas of Learning and Development

As we provide different links and learning packs/ suggestions for you, we would like you to understand that these are here to support and whilst these are brilliant, for our nursery children, PLAY is most important and with an adult to support play, it becomes magic! 🌟 Sometimes we have to step back and follow the children’s lead. The children learn so much as we talk with them during their own play and about their interests!

59 Famous Quotes About Children | Invaluable Treasures

Coronavirus Information - 

Released Today: Free Information Book Explaining the Coronavirus ...

Axel Sheffler (Illustrator of The Gruffalo) has illustrated a free online book which explains the Coronovirus to children in a child friendly way - Coronavirus - A Book for Children

Explaining Social Distancing to Children - Time to Come In, Bear

Information for Parents - 

What Parents and Carers Need to Know About Schools and Education During the Coronavirus Outbreak - Answers to some common queries.

Help Children Aged 2 to 4 to Learn at Home During Coronavirus - Advice for parents and carers.

A Parent’s Guide to Promoting Early Learning and Development at Home - This booklet has lots of fantastic activity ideas that link to each Area of Learning and Development.

Education Endowment Foundation - Resources to Support Effective Home Learning. 

Online Safety - Advice for Parents. 

Purple Mash

Purple Mash - Please find your login information for Purple Mash in your child's portfolio's on Dojo.
Select Mini Mash for lots of exciting activites. There are activities linked to Numbers and Counting, Reading and Writing and much more! 

Communication and Language - 

Richard Scarry Quote: “It's a precious thing to be communicating ...

Games and playtime activities are great opportunities to develop your child’s speech and language skills. 

  • Toys - Toys are fun and great for involving your child. You can create fun activities and provide lots of situations for learning and developing speech and language. If the child leads the play they will develop their self-confidence! 
  • Look at Books - Books are great for having a shared focus and for learning new words, developing speech and literacy skills.  Look at the books together, name the pictures, ask questions, and talk about the story.
  • Role play - Role play is great for expanding your child’s imagination and introducing new vocabulary.
  • Music -  Music can be used to enhance speech and language and some songs can be sung involving actions, to help create the link between words and actions.

Tiny Happy People  - Please follow this link for 3-4 Year Old Child Development Activities. These activities can help develop your child's communication skills. Your child might use more descriptive language, enjoy imaginary play, and be able to link sentences together whilst exploring these activites.

Sound Map Activity - Enjoy focusing on and mapping different sounds, whilst developing listening skills.

Hungry Little Minds - Fun activities that you can add to your daily routine. 


Physical Development

Watch Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures | Prime Video  

Cosmic Yoga - Something different to have a time to be calm, mindful and stay active at the same time!

Joe Wicks becomes the nation's PE teacher - and we join in at home ...

PE with Joe Wicks - Join Joe for Daily PE Sessions. 

Daily Walk Scavenger Hunt - Can you find the listed items on your daily walk? What did you find? 

Jump Start Jonny - We love dancing with Jump Start Jonny in Nursery! 



Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

Activities to support your child's Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

  • Join in with your child’s role play.
  • Encourage sharing.
  • Support your child to wait their turn in conversations and games. 
  • Encourage turn taking through sharing games and stories.
  • Support your child to solve problems through talk.

413bb44fe3ce5220564f96fd5fabdf10-reading-corner-quotes-dr-suess ...


Literacy - 

  • Nursery rhymes are helpful for language and early literacy development. 
  • Play audiobooks or read aloud at home to increase the amount of language your child hears.
  • Talk about everyday experiences and routines. 

Get Epic - Send us a Dojo message if you would like an invitation to Get Epic. This will give you access to lots of books and learning videos! 

Phonics Play - For free access to Phonics Play (during the school closures) please use the Username: march20 and the Password: home. Phoncis play have a variety of games that can help develop your childr's phonic awareness, communication and listening skills. 

Read Write Inc. Set 1 Sounds. - Watch Ruth teach phonics lessons everyday to help you child learn to read at home. 

Oxford Owl - There are lots of games and activities you can do with your child to have fun together and get them developing speaking and listening skills, building vocabulary and other early literacy skills.

Literacy Trust - Fun activities for 0 - 4 years, to help develop early literacy skills. 


Activities to help develop skills with numbers and counting: 

  • Sing counting songs rhymes, such as ‘5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed’.
  • Count different objects in your house. 
  • Count things that are not objects, such as hops, jumps, clicks or claps. 
  • Encouraging use of mathematical language during play, for example 'I have 3 cars, how many do you have?'
  • Collect objects around the house and sort, order and count them. 
  • Point out the use of numerals in everyday life, television remotes, telephone numbers. 
  • Share interesting books about number.
  • Play games such as hide and seek that involve counting.

Oxford Owl - There are some games and activites on Oxford Owl to help develop counting and early numeracy skills. 

Understanding the World -

Scavenger Hunt - Find a range of items in your garden or local walk. What will you collect? Have fun observing and exploring! 

Young People's Trust For The Environment - Great home learning packs for all ages. The activities focus on outdoor learning. Perfect for exploring the environment. 

Daily Walk Scavenger Hunt - Can you find the listed items on your daily walk? What did you find? 

Expressive Arts and Design - 

Out of The Ark Music - Out of The Ark Music are releasing seven songs, one for each day, all with challenges and activities related to each song.

Body Percussion - Daily live body percussion lessons - all you need is you!

Useful Classroom Resources

Online Stopwatch - A little bit of tidy up time inspiration. In our classroom we use different timers to tidy up that the children seem to really engage with.

Mental Health

We understand the importance of children’s and adults mental health. Here are some tips and advice to support families and others mental well-being. Please say in contact with us through Dojo messages. 


Cbeebies - Relaxation and Mindfullness Activities for Children 
Every Mind Matters - Tips if you are worried about Corona Virus. 

Heads Together - Coronavirus and your mental health.
The Happy News Paper - The news paper that helps us to see all the good that is happening in the world!


10 Ways Families Can Support Each Other's Mental Health 


We would love to hear about what your child is doing at home so please keep us updated via class dojo.

Keep Safe and Keep Smiling! 

Be A Rainbow Print / Every Day Spirit / Inspirational Wall Art ...



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