Mathematics in Year 3


Our School follows a Mastery Maths programme called 'Power Maths'. This programme uses a mastery approach which aims to deepen children's learning of mathematical concepts. The children are then given time to apply their knowledge and understanding in different ways. Whilst we follow Power Maths, we ensure to cater to our children and use a range of appropriate resources and activities to support teaching and learning. 

In Year 3, we have two sessions of Maths each day. 


Maths Fluency (15 minutes)

This session focuses on the key learning foci to support problem solving. When children are fluent in these key skills they have attained a level of mastery that enables them to retrieve them for long-term memory without conscious effort or attention. This then allows children to focus on a deeper level of problem solving and removes some of the cognitive load. 


Every Friday we have a shared problem solving session. This is a chance to model how to solve problems and for children to work together to discuss and share their ideas. We work together to solve the problem following the five step structure- What, Explain, Convince, Justify and Prove. Children are encouraged to use mathematical language to support their case. 



Mathematics lesson (1 hour)

Our lessons follow the Power Maths objectives across the year. We supplement Power Maths with bespoke resources for our children to challenge and deepen where required. Our lessons follow the structure- Revisit review, teach, practice, apply. We ensure there is ample opportunity for all children to access manipulatives in each session.


TT Rock Stars

Each child has their own Times Table Rockstars log in. The website enables our children to practise their times tables in a fun, relaxed way. There are challenges and games to make learning times tables fun. 


Star Maths Assessments

We assess our children using STAR Maths Assessments which allows us to identify their progress as well as identifying areas for development. It provides us with clear next steps and enables us to support our children to reach their full potential within mathematics. 

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