Pupil Voice

Our recent “Pupil Voice” survey revealed a lot of good things about attitudes to Mathematics at Grove Street. Here is a selection of responses from our pupils:

Y6: “Maths is fun; I love Maths; Maths is my favourite subject; I thought I was going to struggle because it’s Year 6, but in the end it’s fun and quite easy now; It’s the way the teacher explains it- it tricks us into learning and it’s fun.”

Y5: “Maths is my favourite subject; It feels good when you work with your friends and help each other; It feels fun because we have quests; The Working Wall helps us if we’re stuck; You can Buddy work,- you can ask them if you’re stuck and the person next to you can explain it to you.”

Y4: “Maths is dead fun; It’s so interesting; We learn so much; It helps us when we’re going to High School; It’s interesting because you learn something new every day; We are willing not to give up; We always recap our work; We like challenges.”

Y3: “Maths is the best because you get to play games; We had dice and we loved it- what ever number we got we put dots on it, it was a good game; We learned about adding; Maths is good because you learn.”

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