Parent Governors

Lee Horne

Statement - Our family have lived in New Ferry for nearly 4 years, my daughters  are in Yr2, Reception and  Little Learners are all part of the Grove Street family.
Growing up my experience of education wasn’t the best and I have had to work hard later because of that but it has helped me understand how important education is. I am a firm believer in giving children the opportunity to have the best possible education to help develop and ready themselves for their next stage in life. 
I believe the governors have an integral role in the culture and success of a school. As a governor the school  benefits from my experience as a leader and trustee of a local church, aswell as being a Business Continuity Manager for an international organisation, helping them plan and respond to emergency events.

Charmaine Oates

Statement - I have been a parent at Grove Street for the past 13 years, I have had two children in the school, one still attends.
I am a parent governor to be a voice for the children and parents! As they need a voice about opinions and also the children deserve to have there voices heard in and around the school.
With new ideas for the school events and anything school related.
If I see something I don't agree with I will bring it up and fight for whatever I believe in!
Children deserve to enjoy their education, it's not ment to be a chore. The children are absolutely fantastic in helping raise money or awareness for different things and they always enjoy it.
I would just like to bring something different to the table.
Also I think the teachers deserve more credit than they actually get because their hard work in the school is never seen.
Mrs Lisa Walsh is outstanding, the children love her and she makes them happy and always has their best interests at heart .
I will also like be a voice for the disabled and children with different needs.  Everyone deserves to be treated equal no matter their disability, race, religion or just for being different! Different to me is unique and special.

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