Parent Voice


“They’ve told me all about the new rules, **** said she felt calm and safe yesterday. You’re doing an amazing job with this school, thank you”


“These new routines have made *** feel much more comfortable and calmer in class definitely a positive feedback from us xxx”


"Thank you Miss ***, *** is happy because of you and all other teachers....Thank you for the love and care . She love be there. You are an amazing teacher.Thank you so much."


"Hi, just wanted to say a massive thank you for all you all do. Helping in year 1 recently has just further encouraged me what an amazing and special school this is! So blessed that all 3 of our girls will get to be part of this lovely family. The year 1 teaching is just amazing and they are so loved, known and well cared for ? XXXXXXXX just love it and are so happy and settled here. I love the new school statement, it fits the ethos so well! Just wanted to say thank you, so privileged to be part of such a hard working, determined and positive school environment, it gives each child every opportunity to be the best they can be!"


"I love that whatever they come from or go home to, while they're in Grove Street each day, they are so well taught and so lovingly looked after! ???"


"Thank you for what you are doing, he has amazingly gone to bed every night this week without  having an anxiety attack and is getting up and ready without the fight."


"Thank you so much I think it may help me with xxx a little as she seems to be struggling a lot lately .. the school are brilliant helping the parents with stuff like this and the course *** does they’re brilliant thank you xxx"


Following open afternoon:


“Now I know why she’s so desperate to come to school every morning” 


“Such a lovely school. So different to when I was at school. If it was like this when I was at school I would have been so much calmer with the chill out zones.”


“Such a calm school. Lovely classroom decorations. I loved seeing it.” 


"It’s so calm, I wish it would have been like this when I went to school”


"We thoroughly enjoyed being able to come into school and chat to teachers. Would live if this was a more frequent thing."


Comments from Parent Voice:


"Engagement between parents and pupils is superb. All staff members, teaching, support and administrative staff are superb. Everyone is very approachable and helpful and efficient and very supportive towards both the parents and children. Superb."


"Teachers in Grove Street are brilliant and my kids feel happy to go to school everyday"


"I have no issues at all with Grove Street. The teachers are so supportive I can't fault them at all even when there have been a few issues that have always been resolved correctly."


"I’ve always had positive interactions with the staff at Grove street and this has been a great thing. Being able to accompany my child in school trips has also been a blessing as I’m separated from their mother and I hope this is able to continue."


"The school staff in general have shown to me that they listen to all concerns."


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