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Reading, phonics and spelling is bespoke to your child’s stage of learning and development. Children from our 2 year olds into Nursery have daily pre-phonics speaking and listening sessions that will develop their listening skills, their awareness of sounds and phonetics in preparation for learning to read. When they have mastered these skills, they are ready to begin phonics.

Starting in the Nursery, children are assessed by Mrs Banks, our Reading Leader to establish the correct reading band and group.Assessments then take place at least every six weeks, or more frequently for accelerated learners or those children requiring additional support.

To promote a love of reading children will  learn through: 

  • Read, Write, Inc. ( to ensure every child has a secure phonetic understanding and is a confident reader). Children are taught in small RWI colour banded groups across EYFS 
  • Voice 21
  • Daily teacher reading to their class
  • Reading across the curriculum / Curriculum library
  • Reading for pleasure 




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