Voice 21

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Our school’s vision for oracy is to ensure all children have the best possible starting points and leave our school with the best possible opportunities with an understanding across all staff that oracy unlocks potential, promotes collaboration, supports emotional well-being and is a key skill that children will use to thrive in their futures.


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In Year 1, we are working towards the following oracy targets:

● To use the appropriate tone of voice in the right context. E.g. speaking calmly when resolving an issue in the playground.
● To speak clearly and confidently in a range of contexts 

● To use vocabulary appropriate specific to the topic at hand
● To take opportunities to try out new language, even if not always used correctly.
● To use sentence stems to link to other’s ideas in group discussion. E.g. ‘I agree with… because …’ ‘Linking to…’
● To use conjunctions to organise and sequence ideas e.g. firstly, secondly, finally.  

● To offer reasons for their opinions
● To recognise when they haven’t understood something and asks a question to help with this.
● To disagree with someone else’s opinion politely.
● To explain ideas and events in chronological order. 

Social and emotional
● Listens to others and is willing to change their mind based on what they have heard
● To organise group discussions independently of an adult. 

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