Voice 21

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Our school’s vision for oracy is to ensure all children have the best possible starting points and leave our school with the best possible opportunities with an understanding across all staff that oracy unlocks potential, promotes collaboration, supports emotional well-being and is a key skill that children will use to thrive in their futures.


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In Year 3, we are working towards the following oracy targets:

● Deliberately varies tone of voice in order to convey meaning. E.g. speaking authoritatively during an expert talk or speaking with pathos when telling a sad part of a story.
● Considers position and posture when addressing an audience.

● To be able to use specialist language to describe their own and others’ talk.
● To use specialist vocabulary.
● To make precise language choices e.g. instead of describing a cake as ‘nice’ using ‘delectable’.

● To offer opinions that aren’t their own.
● To reflect on discussions and identify how to improve.
● To be able to summarise a discussion.
● To reach shared agreement in discussions.

Social and emotional
● To adapt the content of their speech for a specific audience.
● To speak with confidence in front of an audience.


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